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The simple, easy and convenient way to enjoy Cyclocity Vilnius bike service.
Subscription Card gives you easy access to the service at every station.

Seasonal subscriber

Seasonal subscriber



Seasonal subscription - 19.90 €;

Seasonal subscription for youth (14 to 26 years old) -  13.90 €;

30 days subscription -  3.90 €.


The first half-hour period of each journey is free. After the first 30 minutes, you pay the appropriate hire rate. Consult hire rates online.




Year 2014 – 2028: from the beginning of week 16 till the end of week 42 (depending on weather conditions).


Your account


Using your Subscription Card is the quickest and easiest way to use the service.


When you scan your card at a station terminal, you can rent a bike and consult your account.


You can also access your personal details in the "My Account" section at the terminal or online.


Bank card: simple and quick


To save time and subscribe online without the need for correspondence, use your bank card to take out a subscription online.


Payment is fully secure and the whole process takes only minutes.



The deposit will only be debited if you fail to comply with the general conditions of access and use or if the bike is not returned within 24 hours.